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Cottage Villa Laminate

Lifetime wear warranty
3 colors

Only $2.19! per square foot


Window Coverings

Peering through shutters at leaves blowing in a gentle breeze or dreamily gazing out at a summer rain through wood blind slats can be one of those underappreciated pleasures in life. There’s a style that’s right for you and your daydreaming.


Putting a gorgeous hardwood on your floors feels like bringing a little piece of nature into your home. Accent it with a colorful or muted stylish rug and you might feel like life was meant to be lived indoors reading a good book.


Today’s carpet styles are quite exquisite and some of them are so resilient they can be cleaned with bleach without getting discolored or damaged. Have you seen the Mohawk carpet challenge where they put white SmartStrand carpet in a zoo for three weeks? The biggest animals in the zoo did all their business on it and it came clean in the end! Here’s a link, in case you missed it.



The right tile or natural stone is timeless. Some of it is nearly indestructible too. The styles vary almost as much as the people on our planet. We’ll help you choose the one that’s best for you and your home.


Laminate is easy to maintain and affordable. You can get laminate that looks like tile or wood. The styles available are beautiful, even astonishing at times, so much so that you’ll think it’s real wood or tile.


Your choices again are nearly endless with vinyl. It’s a remarkably resilient floor. Perfect for kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and any other room that will endure spills, potential puddling, and millions of footsteps. Add to all that the affordability factor.



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